Simple Ways to To set up a profitable Side Hustle in School and Graduate With Good Grades” is Designed as a Template for any Nigerian University student who is Tired of asking for up keep allowances; but want to settle their own bills without losing Academic Focus

...You Want A CEO Lifestyle as a Student?...Here it is?

…Definitely you want be in charge of your life right?

Now think of it again that you can afford whatever you want, just by putting in a little of your time to creating some passive income streams.

…Yess! it feels Awesome Right?

Yes it does.

…But what can i do to create an income stream…how do i even start?

Do i even have the time to do it? … No my Academics will suffer…

even if i can; i don’t have any skill yet, since am still a student…

Every thought about this is exhausting!…i will wait until i graduate.

…But wait, who do i depend on for my needs…my Friends are now calling me urgent 2k…

I need to do something Urgently…

Now you’ve  got answers to all the above questions in Simple Ways to Setup a Profitable Side Hustle in School and Graduate with Good Grades a hands on course that teaches all your need to know about creating passive income in school and still soaring academically.


  • List of Proven Side Hustles both Online and Offline that you can start with little or no capital in your next resumption and Build yourself a fortune while attending your classes [Value:₦20,000].
  • I will Teach You Ways to "To Read and Master any Course" and You Can Write Your Exam Without Meeting Anybody to Sort Your Courses To Pass [Value: ₦15,000].
  • Four Weeks Support and Coaching, Where I Will Teach You Easy Ways to Start Up Your Own Side Hustle, How to Manage It and Still Keep Your Course Grades on the High! [Value: ₦15,000].

Total Value: ₦50,000.00

Regular Value: ₦30,000.00

 Today’s Value: ₦2000.00

This offer ends in:


There Are More Reasons I think You Need This Course…

Let's Face the Economic Realities...

According to Nairametrics,  Unemployment rate in Nigeria in the Second Quater of 2020 is 27.1% indicating that 21.7million Nigerians are Unemployed; Unemployed and Underemployed ( i.e people with jobs, but are still seeking for better jobs) combined is 55.7%; does that ring a bell?

Yes it does…

This is to tell you that More than half of the Nigerian Population are still looking for good jobs.

Consider it, that this number might continue increasing; judging by what is going on in the country right now…until maybe when you graduate to save us all (as super man).

Wouldn’t it give you a better standing, if you start now you’re in school to improve your finances and experiences.

This is what this course is prepared to teach you…

The skills and Experiences you Acquire in School will help you in the Future...

I remember few years back when i was mobilized for NYSC, and i decided to serve the nation for the first time in my life; i was initially posted to Yobe state, but i redeployed back to Anambra  due to certain reasons.

When we came back to scout for Place of Primary Assignment (PPA); most establishments have taken up to their capacity so people were rejected; But i was not.

 Let me tell you how it happened…

When we got to where we were posted, we were five in number and they told us that they can take anymore person; but after interviewing us, i was taken because of some computer skills i acquired while i was in school.

Skills and Experience!

Skills can open doors your certificate alone cannot open for you.

Investments in yourself is proven to be the best form of investment.

Make the Right Choice Today and Tomorrow will be Better…

Here is The Truth I Found Out...

As a Student You process information less by 40% when you have financial burden to settle and it increases by 20%  more, if you don’t have any idea how the money is going to come…

It might be because it is just ten days into the month and your monthly allowance is already gone.

But the total financial burden is reduced to only 20% when you have a way to settle your bills; the only problem will be the stress of making the money. Which has a solution.

This is why most bright students in Secondary School perform averagely once they enter the University; because in secondary school most of their needs where taken care of by their parents on daily basis and they only focus more on their academics. But now, in the University you have to work with a monthly budget. Which most people find overwhelming; because half way into the month they’re already broke.

This course will Teach how to manage your money and even make more for your future while your academics is still doing very fine.

Looking at All of The Above...

Let me be 100% with you

All you need to succeed at any thing in life are basically these three things:

  1. The right Mindset And the Right Motivation to Start
  2. The Right Opportunity to Seize and
  3. The Right Mentor to Follow.

You need to condition your mind to see opportunity in every situation instead of complaining and having entitlement mentality…Nobody owes anything.

You need the Right person to guide through any path you’re taking in life to make things easier for you; either as a direct mentor or someone you can emulate from, from afar.

Am not here to teach you how to “make money” from what i read in a book,You will from what i’ve tested over the years with proven results. From some of these side hustles i was able to pay my bills through school and even set up a business of my own that since fours of graduation i have not knocked on anyones’ door to beg for job and i can comfortably take care of expenses.

A lot of people are already doing this, even up till today and they are getting Similar results.


Total Value: ₦50,000.00

Regular Value: ₦30,000.00

 Today’s Value: ₦2000.00


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Mr. Benny
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You Don't grow Until you give yourself to others.

Did you know that, What you're reading in School Now might not matter much to you in years to come?

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Did you know? 15% of Undergraduates drop out of school every year due to lack of finance and support.

Did you know? most students perform poorly academically due to financial burden?

"Starting a side hustle was one of the most crucial decisions I have ever made. I'm so glad I can take care of most of my financial needs now! I am so much more excited to pursue my dreams now, knowing money is no longer a big problem."
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